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I can't select a seat from the seating plan

Seats can be selected with a single mouse click. After you have clicked on the seat please wait for a few seconds. The seat will be coloured dark blue once the selection has been confirmed. You can also release the seat with a further single click.

How do I select discounted prices?

Discounted prices can be selected, where available. Once you have selected your seats they will be listed immediately below the seating plan; the price band selected will be displayed and adjacent to this is a drop-down list which will contain discounted ticket prices, if applicable. Select the required price by clicking on it. Please ensure you repeat this procedure for all seats for which you require a discount.

I am getting an error message asking me to "choose the seats" but I have already chosen them.

Each performance that you view is stored in the "basket" even if you have not selected seats. All the performances that you have visited will be listed under the heading "Basket". You will need to remove any performances for which tickets are not required - simply click the Remove Item button against the shows you do not want. You will then be able to proceed with your purchase.

I have not received an email confirmation of my booking.

If you have not received an email confirmation this is sometimes due to having entered an incorrect email address during the purchase process; also, we have known emails to be blocked by anti-spam filters particularly if the email address is in the workplace. However, you can view your purchases from the online site. Log in using your email address and password and click on the My Purchases link. You are also able to download and print your collection barcode from here.

After I entered my card details I received a "transaction failed" or "page error" message. Has my purchase been successful?

If you received an error message after you had entered your card details this is usually due to incorrect or invalid data being submitted. If you are not sure whether your purchase completed successfully please log in using your email address and password and click on the My Purchases link.

If the this information has not resolved your problem please call the Box Office on 01494 582900 or email boxoffice@elgiva.com. Our box office team will do their best to assist you. If sending an email please provide a telephone number where we can contact you if required

Email: boxoffice@elgiva.com

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